Okay, so when you are training, it’s important to let your body rest and not over train one muscle group. If you train your legs for example every day, then your leg muscles will never have time to rest and recover. I like to split my workouts so each muscle group has enough time to recover.

I train 6 times per week, with one rest day (sometimes more depending on how my body feels). If I feel like I need an extra rest day, I will take one… it is very important to listen to your body and what it needs. I like to split the 6 days as 2/3 leg days and 3 upper body days and doing a quick 20 minute cardio session at the end of 3 or 4 of my workouts (depending on how I feel… if I feel flat and drained, I will do less cardio) 

My weekly workout split:

DAY 1: Quads and calves (heavier weight, compound movements such as squats, dead lifts etc)

I like to perform quad dominant moves such as narrow stance barbell squats, narrow stance leg press, single leg press etc. I like to always add at least one variation of a single leg exercise to build strength in both of my quads equally. For calves I stick to basic standing calf raise and seated calf raise using low weight and high rep.

DAY 2: Back and Biceps (Abs at home)

For back I like to perform moves that target all areas of my back, upper, lower and middle. I also like to add in some rear delts (shoulders). My top back exercises are straight arm pull down, T-bar row and hyper extensions.

DAY 3: Glutes and hamstrings (heavier weight, compound movements)

On my heavier, compound leg day, I like to perform squats (front and barbell back), lunges, curtsey squats etc.

DAY 4: Shoulders and triceps (Abs at home)

Shoulders are one of my favourite body part to train, and I super set almost every exercise. One move that I will always make sure I do is the frontal plate raise drop set… I can really feel this burn.

DAY 5: Rest day

DAY 6: Glutes and Plyometrics (high rep, low weight glute isolation exercises such as donkey kicks, step ups etc)

On my high rep. day, I like to do cable kick backs, donkey kicks, step ups and adductor to get that ‘booty pump’.

DAY 7: Rest day or Biceps and triceps

My arms are my weak point and something I really struggle with enjoying training. I like to super set exercises to get the most intense workout.

Everyone likes to split their week differently, for example, some people prefer to only train Monday-Friday, leaving their weekends free and others like to train on the weekend… it doesn’t matter on which day you train or when you place your rest days as long as you have some sort of structure and know you will be hitting every muscle group.

Happy training!