This is a subject close to my heart. I’m a beach fanatic! I’m that person who won’t get bored of sun, sand and salty water…. the one soul left sunbathing when is so hot that even the crabs have left for the shade. 

I know, excess sun can be harmful to your skin and hair. So no excess. We have to keep it safe, girl! After all a shrimp tan is never a good look.

Here is a beach bunny guide for you to enjoy your summer glow to the max.

The Tan: Golden skin, moisturised, glowing (that is what we aim for, right?)

Number one rule: SUNSCREEN. It is a must. Even if you have a dark complexion, it is essential. It will protect your skin from burning and ageing and will make your tan last longer. Nowadays it is easy to find organic, more natural brands available. They give you the protection needed without all the nasty chemicals.

Before: Drink juices rich in Beta-carotene. A healthy mix of carrots, beetroot and papaya will help protect your skin against UV damage while stimulating melanin production. Start drinking the juice one week before sun exposure for better results.

Before: Exfoliation. Pick a good body scrub cream and gently rub it on your skin to get rid of dead cells and make your skin ready to receive moisturiser. It will also aid your skin to tan evenly.

During: Choose a sunscreen with high protection. Personal tip: apply it naked, so you make sure it covers all areas, and avoid that odd burn near your bikini tan line!

Your face needs extra protection. Choose a face sunscreen without oil to avoid blocked pores later on. 

After: Leave your moisturiser in the fridge. It will give your skin that most needed cooling sensation. Choose lighter body cream to avoid that melting feeling during summer nights. 

Beach Hair: Sun kissed, never dry, never frizzy


If you have hair that needs extra volume you probably love that salty hair effect the beach gives you. If that is not the case – like it is not for me – and you want to avoid looking like Janis Joplin c. 1969…. tips are:

Before jumping in the sea or pool give your hair a layer of leave-in cream. Do the same when you get out of the water. This trick will keep your hair soft and avoid frizz. Oils are also a good option. Apply some drops of agave oil when hair is still wet and let it dry naturally.

For blondes that want to avoid those canary yellow tones – wash your hair with purple shampoo a couple of times per week. It will help to keep the orange tones at bay and your hair will gain more of a surfer blond look.

Braids are always a great option when you just don’t want to blow dry your hair under the heat. You can go for a full on boho look and add some flower pins to it. Some inspo below….


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