So you’ve been wanting to travel abroad for some time now but never found the time or the funds to do so. Pack your bags and get ready to go! Our ultimate guide to travelling on a budget will list down your prep list, your top countries for maximizing your dollar and your how-to swing free travels!

Option#1: Travel and Learn or Travel and Earn

House Sitting Abroad – Cost $95 + Travel and Groceries

Housesitting includes taking care of the house, the pets and the plants in exchange for a free stay – you can apply for membership online on the housesitting websites and apply for available housesitting requests. Membership fees to these sites can be as low as $95 or higher. Consider other costs for your trip like transportation and food depending on how long your housesitting arrangement is. Also consider how your expenses will be versus staying in the hotel or inn. Check out the list of most trusted housesitting sites to choose from Slow Vegan Travel.


The arrangement is pretty simple – volunteer for a cause and get to see the world for free plus with a reasonable stipend to cover your daily expenses. Plus you get to meet people and learn about their culture in a closer way than a tourist would because as you volunteer, you will be hand in hand with the locals in achieving the volunteer organisations goals. Make sure though that the project you are volunteering for is something you are passionate about. Check out the top Travel Abroad Programs from

Travel and Work

The world has become a travelling adventure. Jobs are now available anywhere and you can practice anywhere too! Choose an assignment or sign up and let the right people know your preferred location and wait for their call.

We have travelling nurses, doctors and teachers! Check out Nomadicare for travelling nurses. Check out this list of travelling occupations and choose which one would work for you at World of Wunderlust.

Option#2: Become a Digital Nomad

If you are tech savvy and have strong work discipline then becoming a digital nomad can be for you. Check out these sites from Digital Nomad Europe. Of course you would have to invest in a good business class computer and accessories.

Make Money While You are Away

While you will be making money while travelling or travelling for make sure to balance your finances.

  • Tip#1- Put your place up for rent

  • Tip#2- Use ride-sharing transportation methods – but be careful too!

  • Tip#3- Rack up points or sign up for frequent traveler miles with your credit card or bank.

  • Tip#4 – see if you can use your skill to get free accommodations. For travel reviewers, bloggers and vloggers! Send an email to your prospective hotel and see if you can get perks for a free review or space on your blog.


Travel to Affordable Countries

Your money can go very far in these countries without sacrificing your travel experience. You can travel in style and luxury without going overboard with your budget. Check out other affordable countries to visit from Forbes.


This country is awesome in culture and rich with sites to visit. The souvenirs are also very affordable. If you are thinking of bringing stuff back for family then Thailand is the place to get it. The products are mostly cheap and durable. Just make sure that what you are buying is one that is not on the airport authority’s restricted list!


One more tip we have is to travel to cluster countries where you can exit one border to another. Like traveling from Thailand then Cambodia. Check out this places to see in Cambodia from Culture Trip.


Visit Vietnam right across the border from Cambodia. See this places and enjoy the food and the culture. Get to know the local history.


Get to Laos from Vietnam’s border to Laos. Check out places to see and things to do from

There are new places to see and enjoy. However, precaution is also a top on our travel list.

- Before going on your trip research other traveler’s horror stories and read reviews to be prepared. All countries have problems but nothing beats preparation.

    - Let your family and loved ones know your itinerary. Always check in with them whenever you are leaving or arriving in one place.

      - Get your embassy’s contact information for each country you are planning to visit.

        - Be flexible. Adjust your itinerary whenever there are natural calamities and always keep an ear out for travel advisories.

          - Get a sim unlocked phone. This way you are able to use local sims on your travel phone.

            - Get accommodations where you can cook. Enjoying local food is good but having a back up plan is also important.

              - Bring your meds. Make sure you have the doctor’s prescriptions if they are not over the counter.

                - Get a debit or credit card that will not charge you international transaction fees.

                - Watch out for flight deals or price drops.

                - Don’t forget your SixtyNinety eco-friendly swimwear


                  It is not the destination that matters it is the preparation! How comfortable and enjoyable your trip is does not depend on how much money you are willing to spend or on the place or people. There is always something going out of track when you travel. Make sure to bring lots of patience and flexibility with you.

                  You can not control people or situations but you can control your reactions. Have fun and board that plane. We hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your most memorable sweet escape!